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Did you know that chocolate has its own holiday? Well, why wouldn’t it? Passionate chocolate lovers know that July 7th is World Chocolate Day. Celebrate luxuriously with some of the best chocolate spots in the Bay Area. We have your guide to everything chocolate!

Chocolate from CocoaBella. (credit: cocoabella.com)

Best Chocolate In San Francisco

Chocolate. It makes us happy. It’s tasty. It’s addicting. Can you name one person who doesn’t like it? We love it in cakes, pastries, and ice cream, and here are some places you can go to get some now.

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Best Chocolate Shops In The East Bay

There is something about chocolate that is both seductive and playful at the same time. The search for the ultimate chocolate continues as chocolate lovers happily pursue their quest with no complaints. Continue your search for bonbon heaven at these five East Bay chocolate purveyors.

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Best Chocolate Cake In The East Bay

Celebrate luxuriously with some of the best chocolate cakes in the East Bay. Here are some places to look for it.

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Best Hot Chocolate On The Peninsula

Hot chocolate is definitely a warmer-upper for winter days and cozy evenings. Cold weather chills work to pull us toward that distinctive cocoa aroma virtually no one can resist. Whether ordering in a café or purchasing at the market to whip up at home, hot chocolate is a favorite cold season drink. Read on for the absolute best hot chocolate around the Peninsula.

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Must-Try “Meal In A Mug” Brownie Recipe

For anyone who can’t cook, won’t cook, or doesn’t have the time to cook but still wants fresh and delicious food, here is the answer: Meal In A Mug. All you need is a mug and a microwave to make a satisfying meal in minutes.

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Chocolate chip cookies at Arizmendi Bakery (credit: Melanie Graysmith)

Best Places In San Francisco For Chocolate Chip Desserts

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! May 15 is National Chocolate Chip Day. Does anything deserve recognition more than the cookies, muffins, scones, cakes and ice creams that satisfy that chocolate urge most of us happily admit to having? When it comes to chocolate, a little definitely can go a long way, and chocolate chip desserts are so delicious. When that familiar craving grabs you, just head to one of these five top spots for instant gratification.

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5 Sweet Chocolate Shops On The Peninsula

Chocolate lovers are forever on the prowl for the ultimate chocolate experience. Many Bay Area chocolate aficionados have perfected their chocolate likes, needs, and wants down to a well-defined science. Bay Area Peninsula chocoholics are lucky indeed, as they are blessed with a selection of top-quality, handcrafted artisan, often organic chocolates of the highest quality. Check out these five local, high-quality chocolate purveyors on the Peninsula.

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