On “The Outbreak” we give you the week’s most infectious videos, recently released music videos and upcoming movie trailers. With so many to chose from, we took the the ones that trended the most and contained them right here.

In this week’s edition: The animated cast of “Frozen” take on Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Stephen Colbert reveals his Top Ten List on Letterman + so much more…all on The Outbreak!

(photo credit: Walt Disney Pictures)
Frozen – “Thriller” Version

Description: It might be an odd pairing of Michael Jackson moves and the biggest family film of 2014. But somehow, Elsa & Anna pulls off a mean “Thriller” dance!

“Kicked In The Head By A Train”

Description: This viral video should be a warning to those who take selfies. Jared Michael attempted to take one while a train passed him by. When out of nowhere, an extended foot somehow hit him on the head. “Wow! That guy kicked me in the head!” Jared says…

Avril Lavigne – “Hello Kitty”

Description: Much controversy over Avril Lavigne’s newest music video for “Hello Kitty.” Some are calling the video offensive, racist and highly inappropriate. Judge for yourself, but we warn you. It’s pretty bad.

Action Movie Kid Goes to School

Description: It’s the latest in an amazing series of videos that feature this super kid. It’s schooltime and he gets there way faster than the school bus, but with admittedly bad hair.

Katy Perry – “Birthday”

Description: With much fan-fare for Katy Perry’s latest music video “Birthday,” the pop singer has gone to great lengths to promote it. Even as going as far as taking over our local radio station 99.7 [NOW!]’s morning show.

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Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist – ‘Ken’ Teaser Trailer

Description: Ken’ themed Teaser trailer for the upcoming multi format series Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist, which will debut on the Machinima youtube channel in May 2014, before hitting TV, On-demand and DVD/Blu-ray.

“Godzilla” – Extended Look

Description: In Summer 2014, the world’s most revered monster is reborn as Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures unleash the epic action adventure “Godzilla.” From visionary new director Gareth Edwards (“Monsters”) comes a powerful story of human courage and reconciliation in the face of titanic forces of nature, when the awe-inspiring Godzilla rises to restore balance as humanity stands defenseless.

“You’re a wizard!”

Description: Just two words…AHH-CHAHH!!

“Orange Is The New Black” – Season 2 – Official Trailer

Description: The highly-anticipated second season of Netflix’s ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK goes back behind bars for another sentence with the fearless, funny and unforgettable inmates of Litchfield prison.

“Fast & Furious” RC : The Greatest Car Chase RC FF 7 ( Paul Walker / Vin Diesel )

Description: In tribute to the Fast & Furious movies, Vax Studios produced this short film with miniture remote control cars.

Brian Williams Raps Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice”

Description: NBC Nightly News managing editor and anchor Brian Williams raps Snoop Dogg’s classic “Gin and Juice.”

Burj Khalifa Pinnacle BASE Jump – 4K

Description: Skydive Dubai sponsored Soul Flyers World Champions Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen break a new World Record by BASE jumping from above the pinnacle of the World’s Tallest Building.

David Letterman & Stephen Colbert’s Top Ten List

Description: Stephen Colbert presents a Top Ten list he submitted for a writing job on Dave’s show in 1997.

Pharrell Williams – “Marilyn Monroe”

Description: Follow up to his hit song “Happy” – Pharrell comes back with “Marilyn Monroe”

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