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April 7 is National Drink Beer Day so to celebrate, Homer J. Simpson have compiled a guide to his favorite sudsy beverage! Mmmmm…beer.

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Best Resources To Brew Beer At Home In San Francisco

Home brewing has become increasingly popular in the US, and San Franciscans have joined in on the trend. Folks enjoy home brewing for a variety of reasons: as a hobby, an economic incentive or an opportunity to adjust recipes according to their own tastes. Friends often meet to brew together or share and sample their special brews. Here are five helpful resources for the San Francisco home brewer.


Best Craft Beer Bars In The Peninsula

California is a mecca for craft beers, which are non-traditional, individually brewed beverages that ordinarily reflect the background and interest of the brewers. Although some gourmet grocers carry bottled small inventories of these personalized creations, the best craft beer experience is hoisting a glass filled directly from a bar tap. We’ve picked out some of the tastiest and most interesting brews. It was hard, but someone had to do it. Join us on a Peninsula bar crawl to seek out and sample the best of the best.


Best Brewpubs Serving Seasonal Beer In San Francisco

Many San Francisco brewers, riding the current wave of producing hand-crafted beer, incorporate ingredients from local resources such as Bay-Area farms. Seasonal means you won’t find “raspberry” beer during the winter holidays. So what will your glass hold this autumn? Let’s take a look at the best brewpubs serving seasonal beer in San Francisco to find out.


Suds-Loving Fans Can’t Get Enough Of The Rotating Beer Menu

Where in the South Bay can you mingle with friends around a revolving beer menu of great craft brews and splendidly original hops from local breweries and across the world? Read on for a few locations that continuously rotate their menus of selective hops. They are distinctive, popular and loved by many because their expertise is just what any malt liquor, stout, barley, ale, lager or suds-loving fan wants in a beer.


The 5 Countries With The Most Expensive Beer In The World

Despite your best travel planning, you can’t only visit places with incredibly cheap beer. That’s why we used crowd-sourced, cost-of-living site Numbeo.com to figure out which five destinations charge the most for a pint. Don’t look surprised when a bartender demands far more króna than your usual round sets you back at home… but if you’ve gotta shell out, we also bring you RateBeer‘s best-ranked suds by country.


Where’s The Cheapest Beer In The World?

The only thing better than drinking a cold beer in a foreign land is drinking a six-pack for less than a fiver. And there’re destinations across the globe where a big night’s bar tab can be covered by the coins in your pocket. Where, per chance, are these magical places? Using crowd-sourced, cost-of-living site Numbeo.com we narrowed it down to the top five — salud!


Best US Airports For Beer Snobs

The quality of economy air travel deteriorates every year, bar one glimmering area where things’ve actually improved: airport watering holes. No longer forced to settle in with a can of Coors Light, today’s travelers have access to local breweries that’ve set up camp to pour craft suds — one even doing the brewing on-site. We check out the eight best airports in the country for the discerning (and delayed) beer fan.


Best Beer Hotels Abroad

If you dream about sleeping in beer barrels, becoming a cicerone, submerging yourself in a pool of suds, or sipping brews crafted by 14th-century monks, these are six of the best international brew hotels at which you can make those dreams a reality. Also? You should see a shrink about those dreams.


America’s Seven Best Beercations

You love beer. You love vacations. You love cleverly combining two words into one and then trying to get it to catch fire. So it’s only natural you’ll like this rundown of the country’s seven hottest hubs of barley and hops that you should hit on your next “beercation.”


9 Songs About Beer To Celebrate National Drink Beer Day

So to celebrate all your revelry, Alice@97.3 have compiled a list of 9 songs to wash take in as you close out your local pub.