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Ice Cream: This frozen treat is good no matter if you’re 1 year old or 100 years old. San Francisco, being the city that it is, ain’t afraid of pushing the envelope or introducing us to flavors we never would have dreamed of. Purist? Don’t fret, we have shops with classic flavors as well.

Ice cream from Bi-Rite. (credit: Joanne Boston)

This ice cream shop is devoted to using sustainable ingredients giving the best possible product to their customers. The salted caramel, with its pleasant burnt sugar flavor, is a perfect indulgence while people watching at Dolores Park across the street. Talk about unique: Sam’s Sundae made with decadent chocolate ice cream, fruity olive oil, fresh whipped cream and sea salt! Sold!

Sundae from Fenton's. (credit: fentonscreamery.com)

This is the place where a 30-year-old can feel like a 10-year-old. The glasses of ice cream sundaes topped with whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry on top can take anyone back to their childhood. Must-haves include the “Banana Special” – Fenton’s take on the banana split – and the “Fudgeanna.” This place is worth driving over the bridge for. Who knows, you might even see the little boy from “Up” there sitting on the sidewalk.

Ice cream from Humphry Slocombe. (credit: humphryslocombe.com)

Care for pepper on your ice cream, sir? You heard right. Humphry Slocombe is known for their off-the-wall creations such as foie gras ice cream and “Jesus Juice” sorbet – a inventive potion of Kermit Lynch Cotes du Rhone and Coke Classic. Our favorites include cream cheese chocolate chip and balsamic caramel.

The Maggie Mudd website. (credit: maggiemudd.com)

Vegans, you have a place where you can enjoy frozen treats, too! Maggie Mudd specializes in vegan sundaes, cakes and shakes and have over 50 flavors of ice cream and dairy-free ice cream. Want to customize a dessert? Go ahead! Choose your favorite candy bar or ice cream topping to mix in to create your own special concoction. Or you can stick to one of their specialties, like the “Monkey Jitters” shake with vanilla ice cream, bananas, and a double shot of espresso.

Mitchell's ice cream shop. (credit: mitchellsicecream.com)

Want to escape to the islands for a few minutes? Head on to Mitchell’s Ice Cream where they have been scooping for over 50 years. Tropical flavors are their specialty: mango, baby coconut, and our favorite, ube – a purple yam found in the Philippines. A little nostalgic, try Grasshopper Pie or Strawberries ‘N Cream on for size.

Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous (credit: facebook.com)

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You are “old-fashioned,” but fun. You like to be on the safe side, but like to rebel sometimes. You are the best of both worlds. You are Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous. This shop is welcoming and warm, inviting patrons to try their classic flavors, but encouraging them to try flavors you never would imagine in ice cream, like candied violet and bananas foster. A little more daring? How about stout beer ice cream with pretzels? Come by each day and you will find something new each time.

Three Twins. (credit: threetwinsicecream.com)

Three Twins in the Lower Haight is a new kid on the block, but already serving some of the best ice cream in town. Try the “Strawberry Je Ne Sais Quoi” – strawberry with a splash of balsamic vinegar. A little sweet and a little tangy. Perfect combination. Or go for the “Cookie Jar” which is vanilla with 3, count ‘em, 3 types of cookies. Cookie Monster would be very proud, as will you when you take a lick of their fantastic frozen delights.

Joanne Boston (credit: Joanne Boston)

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