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The microclimates of the Bay Area require flexibility in summer wear. Sixty-degree weather in San Francisco can give way to eighty degrees or more, less than an hour’s drive away. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Erica Tanov is a designer who seeks beauty in all forms and knows the region’s summer climate well. She works with the finest opulent fabrics, embracing meticulous construction and subtle detailing, while drawn to raw, natural beauty.

Erica Tanov
Erica Tanov Clothing & Design
1827 Fourth St.
Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 849-3331

Erica Tanov moved to New York in 1985 to study at the Parsons School of Design. She returned to the Bay Area in 1994 and opened her first retail store in the same building where her grandfather once ran a laundry business. Tanov’s collections reflect her interest in creating apparel that successfully combines glamorous styles with comfortable wear. She has cultivated working relationships with many artisans globally to bring her unique fashion designs to the greater Bay Area.

Tye-Dye Is Back In Style

The birthplace of the counter-culture movement, San Francisco has spawned many Bohemian looks over the past decades, and tie-dye is one of them. This time around, we’re sporting hand-dyed versions using natural dyes, such as indigo, walnut hulls and oak galls, and paired with jeans and a sharp pair of metallic sandals to keep the look from straying too crunchy. You can also really lift an outfit by pairing it simply with something that reveals the mark of the hand. You can do this by adding a handcrafted accessory, such as a tassel necklace (which are big this season).

Stay Comfortable With Platforms

Walking around in the sunshine, comfort is key. Flip flops or flat sandals may be fine for everyday running around, but if you want to feel more pulled together, slip on a pair of platform sandals. They’ll make you feel prepared to take on any business meeting or venture out on the town. The extra height is not at the expense of comfort.

Oversized Tops Can Suit Everyone

Slouchy tops are here to stay this summer. They suit everyone, and can disguise a multitude of sins, no matter what! Silhouette proportions are still enjoying the oversized look, but be careful not to oversize everything. Balance is key. With oversized tops, you’ll want to balance it with slim fitting bottoms, either a long slim skirt or skinny jeans.

Experiment With Pattern-Mixing

Experiment with patterns, wearing them layered. There are no hard and fast rules, but try mixing patterns that share the same color palette. The most important thing to remember is to experiment and don’t be afraid to mix your patterns. It’s amazing what you can find in your closet this summer, and start mixing it up.

Use The White On White Palette

White is the evergreen color of any season. Wear it with different shades of white, layer upon layer, putties, creams or off whites. The white palette becomes more sophisticated when various shades of the same color group work together. The focus thus becomes a play on texture, the fabric and how it’s constructed, giving depth to an outfit that essentially is white.