Autumn/Winter Fall Fashion 2016 – Gamze Biran (credit: Timur Emek/Getty Images)

Fall is the season for fashion trends to be defined. The Bay Area has its own spin on trends due to a mix of micro-climates and individuality. The East Bay has style that is uncomplicated and takes the sunshine into consideration. Navita Manyisha is a stylist, blogger and make up artist that was raised in the East Bay with a passion for fashion. She also works with local photographers and clothing shops. The fall will be a nod to simple ’70s style with modern minimalist styling of clothing and jewelry.

Navita Manyisha

Navita Manyisha works as an esthetician, freelance stylist and blogger around the Bay Area. Navita compares beautiful clothes to being caught off guard by a painting that draws your attention in and brings out raw emotion. She remembers being captivated by the clothing in classic movies such as West Side Story and The Sound of Music, where the fashion embodied its own stardom. Navita sees endless possibilities when styling people and transforming their confidence with an outfit. Fashion is always reinventing the known with something new, and Navita sees a modern take on ’70s style for fall.

Simple And Long Delicate Necklaces

Statement necklaces have held the market for a while, but this fall, simple and long delicate necklaces will be the jewelry of choice. With clean lines that elongate the body, this trend works with most figures. Simple necklaces also make way for layering and creating a look that is effortless. Delicate jewelry also accent rich textures of fabrics so your look is not overdone.

Sweater, Denim, Fine Corduroy And Velvet Dresses

In the 1970s rich earth tones, textures and the shirt dress thrived. Masculine styles and denim were also popular and mass consumed. This fall, stock your wardrobe with a variety of dresses in sweater, denim, fine corduroy and velvet. In the East Bay, dresses can be worn through all seasons, but fall is more dress weather than sweater weather. Make it modern with dresses that are flattering and not fussy.

Mini And Regular Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks have had many incarnations over the years, and the style has been a staple with artists, intellectuals and bohemians. In the 1970s, women’s equality was in full motion, and icons like Gloria Steinem wore the turtleneck as a staple in her wardrobe. The turtleneck became powerful and androgynous.Turtlenecks are now re-imagined and focus on simplicity while still serving as a statement piece.

Relaxed Denim Jackets

Denim was identified as the all American garment in the 1970s and was worn on a daily basis. Expanding from jeans, many different forms of denim became popular, including the denim jacket. Modern denim has a relaxed fit and feels casual yet refined. With glam rock roots, it’s something that has the flexibility to be dressed up or dressed down. The look can be easily upgraded by pairing the relaxed denim with a more structured formal outfit.

Platform Heels

Platform heels come in and out, but this fall, look for a platform heel over a skinny heel. In the 1970s platform shoes were the preferred footwear of pop stars, disco goers, people on the punk scene and the main stream. Trends have gone from outlandish to casual. The contemporary platform accents your look rather than standing out on its own.