As you prepare to head back to college this fall (or for the first time if you are a freshman), remember that it’s not all books, papers and grades. It’s also about socializing, making life-long friends and generally having a good time growing and learning in every imaginable way. To get the most out of your college experience, you’ll want to feel your best. And to feel your best, it helps to look your best. That’s what being fashionable is all about. Remember what Oscar Wilde said: “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” Our expert fashion consultant, Kimberly Gant, of Ensemble Personal Image Consulting, offers some tips for your college style essentials.
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Before joining Ensemble Personal Image Consulting, Kimberly spent several years in the apparel and fashion industry. She has worked for several San Francisco retailers, including Gymboree and Sephora. She loves fashion, style and people, so working as a personal image consultant has been a perfect fit, just like the clothing she recommends.

Tip 1

When headed to a 7 a.m. class, you may be tempted to show up in your pajamas and might wind up compromising with a sweatshirt and baggy pants. But don’t let the early morning challenge compromise your fashion integrity. Kimberly suggests that you resist the urge to go to early morning classes in lounge wear. Start fresh and look your best; your professors will appreciate it. Keep it simple with a few quality basics such as a pair of good fitting dark jeans and a sharp jacket. On warm days, a high-end tee shirt is acceptable, but don’t wear something you’d use for underwear.

Tip 2

Sure, a backpack is useful, but a cute tote or large purse can go a long way to make a style statement. Men, if you prefer a backpack, find one with a bit of panache. You don’t want to walk around looking like an overloaded tourist on vacation. Be practical, but make it work for you.

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Tip 3

Dorothy Parker wrote, “Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses.” She was wrong, of course. Men have a lot more imagination than that. You can rock eyeglasses if you make the right frame choice. Kimberly suggests going with a trendy style and a colorful frame to show off a touch of personality. Guys, you can do it too.

Tip 4

In the fall, a scarf is always appropriate for both men and women. There are many different ways to tie a scarf; learn them all for variety. Pick your favorite color or show your pride with your school colors. Kimberly points out that geometrics and animal prints are in style for this fall. Scarves can be a high-end accessory in silk or cashmere or an inexpensive touch that still looks good. Why not purchase a variety?

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Tip 5

This one is for the guys: invest in a button-down shirt. Whatever your style, from preppy to hippie, you should have at least one shirt with a collar. You can layer it under a sweater or by itself, on a date or at an interview.
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