The Simpsons - 'Homer's Barbershop Quartet'TUESDAY 04/29/14 @ 6pm: "Homer tells the story of how he, Principal Skinner, Apu and Barney once created a barbershop string quartet and found fame with a hit single..."
The Simpsons - 'Cape Feare'WEDNESDAY 04/30/14 @ 6pm: "When Bart begins to receive disturbing death threats, the family soon figures out who they are from and decides to enter into witness protection..."
The Simpsons - 'Last Exit To Springfield'MONDAY 04/21/14 @ 6pm: "Homer is elected union leader at the power plant and tries to save the dental plan so he will not have to pay for Lisa’s new braces..."
The Simpsons - 'So It’s Come To This: A Simpsons Clip Show'TUESDAY 04/22/14 @ 6pm: "Family and friends reminisce about Homer’s life after Bart’s April Fools’ Day prank sends him to the hospital..."
The Simpsons - 'The Front'WEDNESDAY 04/23/14 @ 6pm: "Using Grandpa as a front, Lisa and Bart write their own “Itchy and Scratchy” cartoons..."
The Simpsons - 'Whacking Day'THURSDAY 04/24/14 @ 6pm: "Lisa seeks to end a local holiday in which snakes are chased into town and beaten with sticks. Bart is expelled from school by Principal Skinner..."
The Simpsons - 'Marge In Chains'FRIDAY 04/25/14 @ 6pm: "Marge is jailed when she is convicted of stealing from Apu’s convenience store..."
The Simpsons - 'Marge vs. The Monorail'MONDAY 04/14/14 @ 6pm: "An unscrupulous profiteer convinces the people of Springfield to invest their windfall from the power plant in a monorail system..."
The Simpsons - 'Selma's Choice'TUESDAY 04/15/14 @ 6pm: "When Selma decides she wants to have children, Marge suggests she take Bart and Lisa to Duff Gardens to get a taste of motherhood..."
The Simpsons - 'Brother From The Same Planet'WEDNESDAY 04/16/14 @ 6pm: "Tired of his father's lack of interest in him, Bart pretends to be an unwanted son and signs up with the Bigger Brother program..."
The Simpsons - 'I Love Lisa'THURSDAY 04/17/14 @ 6pm: "Ralph becomes infatuated with Lisa when she tries to cheer him up by sending him a quick note after he does not receive a single Valentine's Day card at school..."