'Arrow' Unthinkable: Is That A Creepy Spider In Thea's Hair?Okay, we're pretty sure this is just some freaky clump of hair and a fingertip, but once you see a spider, you always see a spider. Thanks to the people of the Arrow subreddit for spotting this.
The Simpsons - 'A Streetcar Named Marge'MONDAY 03/31/14 @ 6pm: "After a fight with Homer, Marge is cast opposite of Ned in a musical production; Maggie tries to get her pacifier back from the nanny..."
The Simpsons - 'Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie'FRIDAY 04/04/14 @ 6pm: "After a serious bout of misbehaving, Homer forbids Bart from ever seeing the new Itchy and Scratchy movie..."
The Simpsons - 'Black Widower'MONDAY 03/24/14 @ 6pm: "When Selma tells the Simpsons that she has made plans to marry someone she's met through the prison pen-pal system, Bart tries to interfere..."
The Simpsons - 'The Otto Show'TUESDAY 03/25/14 @ 6pm: "Otto is forced to move in with the Simpson family after he crashes the school bus and the police discover that his license has expired..."
The Simpsons - 'Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes?'THURSDAY 03/27/14 @ 6pm: "Homer's destitute brother visits, requesting a loan to build a prototype for a new invention that would make him rich again..."
The Simpsons - 'Kamp Krusty'FRIDAY 03/28/14 @ 6pm: "Bart and Lisa attend "Kamp Krusty" but it is nothing like they thought it would be; Homer's hair grows back and he loses weight while the kids are away..."
The Simpsons - 'Bart's Friend Falls In Love'WEDNESDAY 03/26/14 @ 6pm: "When Milhouse falls for the new girl at school, Bart worries that it will affect their friendship and attempts to break up the romance..."
The Simpsons - 'Bart The Lover'MONDAY 03/17/14 @ 6pm: "To get revenge on Mrs. Krabappel for always putting him in detention, Bart decides to respond to her personal dating ads under an alias..."
The Simpsons - 'Homer At The Bat'TUESDAY 03/18/14 @ 6pm: "In order to hedge his million dollar bet on the power plant's championship softball game, Mr. Burns hires professional baseball players to work at the plant..."
The Simpsons - 'Separate Vocations'WEDNESDAY 03/19/14 @ 6pm: "Lisa and Bart take an examination at the school that is supposed to determine what they will be when they grow up, but the kids are not so sure..."