iZombie Recap: Episode 13, "Taking Things To The Super Max"
‘iZombie’ Recap Episode 12: I Know What You Did Last SummerTime for Liv to tell the truth, finally, but to the least consequential person she's been keeping her zombie secret from.
‘iZombie’ Recap Episode 11: Is This the Real Life?Eating a mentally unstable brain wrecks havoc on Liv's grip on reality.
Zombie Movie Review: 'Maggie'Zombie outbreaks and our fight to contain the terror is very entertaining. The human side of these fictitious epidemics are often brushed over. Until now.
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iZombie Recap: Episode 3, 'The Exterminator'On 'iZombie' this week, Liv learns to suppress her feelings by eating brains, and we learn that going hungry for a zombie is the point of no return.
Reading Sex Tips, Testing Zombie Pee: Why iZombie's Dr. Ravi Grows Even More Loveable“Who doesn’t love an abstract nude?” After watching the iZombie pilot, you probably didn’t ask yourself: “What kind of art would Ravi like?” But now you know.
Easy On The Eyes, Gentle With The Brains: iZombie’s Dr. Ravi Is TV's Hottest Forensic PathologistWhen Liv wonders if she should use her zombie *gifts* to help solve a crime? Ravi’s response is delightfully bleak: “Liv, you ate the girl’s temporal lobe. Going to the police is the least you can do.”
iZombie Recap: Liv Becomes Undead In the Series' PilotiZombie airs on KBCW Tuesday nights at 9 p.m.
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