8 Odd Things To Do On BARTA growing trend of impromptu performances is quickly spreading at a moments notice on BART. Check out what can be found on YouTube...
The Simpsons - 'The Boy Who Knew Too Much'MONDAY 05/26/14 @ 6pm: " Bart witnesses an altercation that escalates into a lawsuit, but identifying himself as a witness would mean confessing he skipped school..."
The Simpsons - 'Lady Bouvier's Lover'TUESDAY 05/27/14 @ 6pm: "Grampa falls in love with Marge's mother but she soon falls for Mr. Burns instead; Bart goes to extreme measures to acquire "Itchy and Scratchy" memorabilia..."
The Simpsons - 'Secrets of a Successful Marriage'WEDNESDAY 05/28/14 @ 6pm: "Homer decides to teach a marriage class to prove to everyone that he is intelligent but runs into trouble trying to keep his students' attention..."
The Simpsons - 'Bart of Darkness'THURSDAY 05/29/14 @ 6pm: "When the summer temperatures become unbearable, Bart and Lisa manage to convince Homer and Marge to buy them a swimming pool with disastrous results..."
The Simpsons - 'Lisa's Rival'FRIDAY 05/30/14 @ 6pm: "Lisa becomes jealous when a new transfer student proves herself to be smarter than her; Home steals sugar and plans to sell it to the townsfolk..."
The Simpsons - 'Deep Space Homer'MONDAY 05/19/14 @ 6pm: "Homer meets famed astronaut Buzz Aldrin after being hired by NASA as the first average American to be chosen to participate in a space mission..."
The Simpsons - 'Homer Loves Flanders'TUESDAY 05/20/14 @ 6pm: "Desperate to attend an upcoming football game, Homer accepts an invitation to go from Ned Flanders and discovers that he actually likes Ned..."
The Simpsons - 'Bart Gets an Elephant'WEDNESDAY 05/21/14 @ 6pm: "After Bart receives an elephant as a prize for calling in to a radio station, the animal proves to be too costly to care for and Homer decides to sell it..."
The Simpsons - 'Burns' Heir'THURSDAY 05/22/14 @ 6pm: "After coming close to death, Mr. Burns decides that it's time to find an heir to his empire and chooses Bart for his conniving character..."
The Simpsons - 'Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song'FRIDAY 05/23/14 @ 6pm: "When Bart accidentally gets Principal Skinner fired after bringing Santa's Little Helper to school, Ned is hired as the new principal..."