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Bay Area's Judge Ladoris Cordell Stars In New Reality Courtroom ShowJudge Ladoris Cordell talks to Black Renaissance's Christin Ayers about her life, her career and how she came to be the star of a new reality TV show called, 'You The Jury.'
Learn The Art Of Cupping With Keba Konte, Owner Of Red Bay CoffeeKeba Konte, owner of Red Bay Coffee schooled Black Renaissance's Christin Ayers in the art of coffee.
World Renowned Artist Elisabeth Sunday Leaving Oakland For FranceWorld-renowned artist Elisabeth Sunday talks to Black Renaissance host Christin Ayers about her life, her art, and the reason she's packing it all up and leaving Oakland for France.
100 Black Women Hosts 12th Annual Hats & Gloves TeaThe San Francisco chapter of 100 Black Women is hosting their 12th Annual Hats & Gloves Tea on Saturday, March 4, 2017 at the Fairmont Hotel.
Al Letson, Host Of Reveal From The Center For Investigative ReportingAl Letson, host Of 'Reveal From The Center For Investigative Reporting' talks to Black Renaissance host Christin Ayers about his interview with white nationalist, Richard Spencer and shares details about his new pet project.
Meet 'Escape Artist' Kumi Rauf, Founder Of 'I Love Being Black'The man behind the brand 'I Love Being Black' Kumi Rauf talks to Black Renaissance host Christin Ayers about his push to get blacks to travel the world.
Afro Cuban-American Cigar-Making Sisters Reflect On Post-Castro Cuba
Professor John A. Powell Talks About Trump's Politics Of 'Othering' During Campaign 2016 - Part 2Part 2 of UC Berkeley Professor of Law John A. Powell's conversation with Christin Ayers of Black Renaissance talks about the language of 'othering' during the campaign of President Donald Trump.
Choreographer, Artistic Director Gregory Dawson Introduces 'Les Vérités'Gregory Dawson, choreographer and Artistic Director of dawsondancesf, talks with Black Renaissance producer Jan Mabry about his latest work, 'Les Vérités.'
'MWPs Are MVPs' Helps Minority Women Professionals Survive And ThriveDr. J Nwando Olayiwola and Pooja Mittal, director of Health Net talk to Black Renaissance's Jan Mabry about 'MWPs are MVPs,' a seminar for minority women professionals currently touring the U.S.
Nigerian Novelist Sarah Manyika Talks About Prestigious Etisalat Prize For LiteratureNigerian novelist Sarah Ladipo Manyika talks to Black Renaissance's Jan Mabry about the prestigious Etisalat Prize for Literature.