What are you up to tonight? Would you like a furry little friend to watch TV with?

Then tune in to KBCW 44cable12 Monday – Saturday at 11pm.

This is 44 Free! The late night block on KBCW where you can enjoy Friends, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers and Bosco, your late night host.

Bosco loves answering your phone calls, sharing fun facts and affirmations.

The phone line is real – so drop Bosco a line and you may hear yourself on TV!

Bosco fan art courtesy FuriousP

So why do we call it 44 Free?

1) It the place where you are free to be you – we put any calls on the air – as long as you keep it clean!

2) We broadcast this signal free to the Bay Area on channel 44.  If you don’t have cable, just pick up an antenna hang out with us all night long.

So call in to (415)765-8767 watch Monday – Saturday 11pm -1:30am and  join the conversation on facebook  and



“44 Free” is a late night block Weeknights on KBCW 44cable12 Every weeknight from 11pm -1:30am watch Family Guy, Friends, Bob’s Burgers and listen to the calls that come in to our Feedback line. Try it at (415)765-8767


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