Join us this Sunday for another “Friends Fest!” We’re spreading the love with eight of your favorite love-themed Friends episodes, back-to-back. Plus KBCW’s Bosco will have on a very special guest, SF Pride’s Michelle Meow, to talk about what you can expect at the SF Pride parade and celebration this year! We’ll also bring you Friends and Pride-themed trivia with the KBCW staff, and Bosco will even take a few calls from viewers! Celebrate Pride – with Friends!

“Friends Fest” airs Sunday, June 10th from 6pm to 10pm on KBCW 44cable12.

Check out the list of Friends episodes we’ll be watching with you:

6:00p S2 E39 “The One Where Ross And Rachael…You Know”

6:30p S2 E47 “The One With The Chicken Pox”

7:00p S7 E169 “The One With Monica & Chandler’s Wedding (Part 1)”

7:30p S7 E170 “The One With Monica & Chandler’s Wedding (Part 2)”

8:00p S4 E78 “The One With Joey’s New Girlfriend”

8:30p S2 E35 “The One With The Lesbian Wedding”

9:00p S5 E98 “The One After Ross Says Rachael”

9:30p S9 E195 “The One Where No One Proposes”


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