SAN FRANCISCO (KBCW) — Just like the “manic pixie dream girl” heroines in her favorite sappy cancer movies, Stella traveled the world, faced her darkest fears and found true love on a whirlwind trip to Paris.

But when Stella finds out that her cancer has been cured, she is suddenly forced to face the long-term consequences of the “live in the moment” decisions she made, including marrying a total stranger.

What Stella does next is the plot line for ‘Life Sentence’ — a new drama airing on KBCW44 Cable12 at 9 p.m. Wednesday night.

Lucy Hale stars as Stella, who finds out that her “perfect family” isn’t so perfect after all.

“At the beginning, we find out that she is going to live,” Hale said of the plot twist. “Although that is magnificent and wonderful news, it is also little daunting and scary because not only Stella but her whole family, they’ve been putting off so many thing and figuring out who they are and making decisions because they thought they were going to lose her.”

Stella is shocked to learn that her parents, Peter (Dylan Walsh) and Ida (Gillian Vigman), have fallen out of love, partly because Peter spent their retirement helping Stella make the most of her final days, and partly because Ida has fallen in love with her best friend (Stella’s godmother), Poppy.

Also, it turns out Stella may be responsible for the fact that her sister, Elizabeth (Brooke Lyons), gave up her own dreams to take care of Stella and start a family with her husband Diego (Carlos PenaVega), just to give her parents something positive to focus on.

Then there’s Stella’s often overlooked brother, Aiden (Jayson Blair), who’s pushing 30 and still lives above the garage, sells Adderall to soccer moms and uses Stella’s cancer to guilt them into sleeping with him

And, of course, there’s her husband Wes (Elliot Knight) a handsome Londoner who she agreed to spend the rest of her life with, thinking that would only be six to eight months, tops.

LIFE SENTENCE is from Doozer Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios, with executive producers Erin Cardillo (“Fuller House,” “Significant Mother”) Richard Keith (“Fuller House,” “Significant Mother”), Bill Lawrence (“Scrubs,” “Cougar Town”), Jeff Ingold (“Ground Floor”) and Oliver Goldstick (“Pretty Little Liars”).


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