(KBCWtv) – On Tuesday, People Magazine has named country singer Blake Shelton as the “Sexiest Man Alive” for 2017.

The 41-year-old Oklahoma-native is playing things humble with girlfriend Gwen Stefani. It took her some convincing for Shelton to “live in the moment” and accept “this gift.”

“He’s perfect for it,” Stefani tells the magazine. “Somebody that is funny and has a sense of humor is sexy — that’s the No. 1 thing.”

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But when comes to his on-air rival Adam Levine on NBC’s The Voice, Shelton can do nothing by gloat about winning the title Levine also won in 2013. In a hilarious People Magazine Facebook video, Shleton brings a blindfolded Levine in front of a giant billboard of the 2017 cover page.

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The more outspoken Shelton tells the magazine that he’s proud and honor for being picked.

“I’m not going to treat this like Hugh Jackman or one of those guys who’s humble about it.” Shelton says. “People are going to hate me over this. Because it’s going to be used in every conversation, whether it’s at ‘The Voice’ or at the feed store in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, or in a conversation with a doctor. Until I have to hand the title, which is what it is to me, over to someone else, this is mine. This is like a certification.”

Fans of Shelton will also be able to relish in his accolade when People’s special double issue makes its way to newsstands this Friday, Novmeber 17th.

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