(CBS LOCAL) – A family of six who were stranded in the Scottish Highlands is thanking the wizarding world of Harry Potter for their rescue. The family was saved from along hike over rough terrain by the same train seen in the popular film series, the “Hogwarts Express.”

According to reports, Jon and Helen Cluett and their four young children were staying in a cottage after a canoe trip to the remote area of Lochabar. After a night of bad weather, their canoe was swept away by the swollen river.

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The Cluetts were left with a journey of several miles over marshland to get back to their car. Given the age of their children — six, eight, 10, and 12 — the parents decided the trek back was too dangerous and called police. “In the end I decided the only option was to phone the police and mountain rescue, ask if they have any local knowledge that could help us out,” Jon Cluett said, via the BBC.

Police conjured up a magical solution to the family’s problem. They signaled for the next train traveling down the nearby railway system to make an unscheduled pickup in Lochabar. “The amazing thing was it wasn’t just any train. The next train that was passing was the Jacobite steam train,” the father added.

The Jacobite is the real-life name of the steam engine better known as the Hogwarts Express seen in every “Harry Potter” film. “They know the Harry Potter films and they know that they are filmed in the Highlands. But they hadn’t put all of that together in their heads until they saw the train,” Mr. Cluett told reporters.

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The father of four added that although they were upset over losing their boat, the Hogwarts-sized surprise quickly changed his children’s mood.

“When they saw the steam train coming, all sadness left their little faces and was replaced by excitement and fun – just the real joy of having an adventure and having the train stop right next to them,” Cluett told the BBC.

The Cluetts were safely delivered to the next stop in Lochailort, where they were able to get a lift to their car. Police were not able to cast a spell to find the family’s missing boat but Mr. Cluett added that he’s not worried about it.

“It’s got to turn up at some point. The thing is 16-foot-long, red and floats.”

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