SAN FRANCISCO (KBCWtv) – 140 characters not enough to send Twitter message? No worries. The San Francisco-based social media giant is stretching it’s limitations. Limits that’s been in place since the company first started 11 years ago. Imagine tweeting out 280 characters.

Only a small subset of users will be able to test out the new feature, in many forms including Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Not just in English. Twitter says those languages “convey about double the amount of information in one character” as we can in others.

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The character limit was put in place so that a single text message can be sent out in the least amount of words. Since most people now use the mobile app, the constraint is a lot less. Restrictions also eased for photos, videos and others toward the character limit.

Ellen Degeneres joked “I’m so excited to be part of @Twitter’s #280characters rollout. Let me just say it’s an honor and a privilege. I’d like to thank my wonderf”

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Some feel it would give Donald Trump a louder mouthpiece.

And some hope for the best.

Twitter said by doubling the character limit, the tweets are still considered “brief.”

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