VIDEO: Fear Overload Scream Park – Event Trailer 2017

SAN LEANDRO (LIVE 105) – Friday night, September 29th marks the return of the multi-haunted house attraction ‘Fear Overload Scream Park’ to San Leandro’s Bayfair Center.

The scream park features a pair of haunted houses – their signature attraction ‘Plastic Surgeon’ & ‘Static Noise’.

Plastic Surgeon will put you in the home of a deranged serial killer who has performed botched hack-jobs to his victims’ faces. Static Noise will drag you into the depths of the underworld and you’ll navigate the total darkness by flashlight.

Tickets will get you access into both houses and they start at $25. For Saturdays & on Halloween they’ll be $30. Grab them here.

Fear Overload Scream Park will also host an ‘Aliens Vs. Nerf Guns’ event on the weekend of November 10 & 11. More on that here.

By Dallas

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