VIDEO: Fear Overload Scream Park – Event Trailer 2017

SAN LEANDRO (LIVE 105) – Friday night, September 29th marks the return of the multi-haunted house attraction ‘Fear Overload Scream Park’ to San Leandro’s Bayfair Center.

The scream park features a pair of haunted houses – their signature attraction ‘Plastic Surgeon’ & ‘Static Noise’.

Plastic Surgeon will put you in the home of a deranged serial killer who has performed botched hack-jobs to his victims’ faces. Static Noise will drag you into the depths of the underworld and you’ll navigate the total darkness by flashlight.

Not who you wanna run into…

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Tickets will get you access into both houses and they start at $25. For Saturdays & on Halloween they’ll be $30. Grab them here.

Fear Overload Scream Park will also host an ‘Aliens Vs. Nerf Guns’ event on the weekend of November 10 & 11. More on that here.

By Dallas

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