STATESVILLE, N.C. (KBCWtv) — On Tuesday, actor Channing Tatum stopped by a gas station in North Carolina to pick up a couple of things, when the camera started filming on his Facebook Live feed.

The 6+ minute video followed the ‘Magic Mike’ star throughout the Sunoco store, picking up some coffee, candy when the store’s cashier told him to “Come on over here!” as she motioned him behind the counter.

Beatrice, as she introduced herself, joked around and chatted it up with Tatum. The duo later shared a quick dance to Nas’ “If I Ruled The World.” Tatum also caught several customers off guard, saying he was the manager and also took some photos with fans.

Watch the hilarious video, here:

Tatum is currently out promoting his upcoming film Logan Lucky, co-starring Daniel Craig, Adam Driver, Seth McFarlane and Riley Keough.

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