By Melanie Graysmith

Tired of the same old, same old things to do? When you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, surrounded by an array of enjoyable activities throughout the week, the next step just might be to take the leap – in some cases, literally – and go for the extra thrill. Ready, set, go. Read on for all the details.

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Bay Area Skydiving
Hangar 26 Falcon Way
Byron, CA 94514
(925) 634-7575

Whether on your bucket list or just looking for a mega-thrill, Skydiving is definitely for thrill seekers – that is you, isn’t it? With maximum recreational enjoyment in mind, Bay Area Skydiving has all the reasons why this place is the right choice for your mind-blowing skydiving experience. More than just somewhere to jump out of an airplane from, Bay Area Skydiving makes safety along with the fun and thrills of it all a top priority. This family owned business has been in operation for more than 25 years, and has maintained a flawless safety record. As if that isn’t awesome enough, owner Clay Bonavito a skydiving veteran of 30-plus years has over 9,000 camera jumps. Additional bragging rights win here with a super experienced instructional staff, including many with over 10,000 jumps and many world record holders as well. Relax, Bay Area Skydiving instructors will make you feel comfortable and help make your skydiving day a thrilling dream come true. Note: You must be 18 years old with a valid ID to ride this ride. Parental consent is not accepted.

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Mission Cliffs
2295 Harrison St.
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 550-0515

Some people aim to climb mountains, some just like the view. If for whatever reason you are drawn to climb mountains, literally, rock by rock, then rock climbing may be on your bucket list and is definitely a classic thrill. San Francisco’s cool summer climate makes for comfortable weather for strenuous outdoor sports like rock climbing too. San Francisco’s oldest climbing gym is astounding for its state of the art renovations, sheer size, variety of classes and helpful clinics. Mission Cliffs is a member of Touchstone Climbing, the largest indoor climbing company in the world, and takes pride in identifying itself less as a gym and more as a community. Whether you are there to climb the walls at Mission Cliffs at a variety of routes depending on skill and future intent, or preparing for a larger outdoor climb experience, Mission Cliffs can assist with climbing classes or private lessons. Visit the website for complete details, including class schedules and prices.

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Whitewater Voyages
5225 San Pablo Road
El Sobrante, CA
(800) 400-7238

Looking for adventure? If the answer is yes, then White Water Rafting is a perfect fit. Now really, you can’t do this sport in San Francisco, but you can do it close enough. Whitewater Voyages makes it effortless to book a river rafting excursion for an easy day trip from the San Francisco Bay Area at the American or Yuba Rivers. Got more time on your hands? Then book a 2 or 3-day trip if family or friends prefer to go a bit further, yet not too far, and river raft the wild and scenic waters of the Tuolumne or Merced Rivers. Check the website for tons of deals, with discounts for virtually everyone including military, family, senior, youth, scout, and groups of 12 or more. View the 2017 trip pricing, here.

Big Air Hand Gliding
(408) 718-7282

If hand gliding lessons are on your bucket list, then you’re in the right place. Big Air Hand Gliding in the San Francisco Bay Area is the expert to make your flying fantasy a reality in the local Bay Area. You can glide in San Francisco and other Bay Area spots that Big Air Hand Gliding owner and advanced instructor Mike Jefferson selects for your awesome day. Take a few lessons (varied packages: $160 – $1500) and get soaring, or grab some ultimate thrills on a Tandem Discovery Fight ($325) at much higher altitudes, and worry free with highly trained instructors. Big Air Hand Gliding operates under FAA exemption 9785.

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Icarus Bungee
1415 Webster St., Unit 801
Alameda, CA 94501
(510) 521-5867

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Just about one of the nuttiest things you can do, but, oh, what a feeling! Bungee jumping, legal and safe, just doesn’t happen in San Francisco, so Icarus Bungee arranges strict oversight bungee jumps from 14 different bridge sites in Northern California. The bridge locations change depending on a slew of conditions, including weather, road conditions, bridge closings, forest fires and such. Rapid condition changes mean jump locations will not be selected and confirmed until a few days before the jumps, with typically early morning jumps to avoid disrupting traffic. The cost is $139 for two jumps per person for an average jump, but some specific discounts are available. Visit the website for complete information.