LOS ANGELES (KBCWtv) – On Monday night’s Late Late Show, James Corden went up against an actual rapper. On the show’s Drop The Mic skit, Corden took on Girls star Riz Ahmed.

Corden came out swinging at the Rogue One star with “Am I supposed to be afraid of Riz ’cause he raps? His lyrics lack depth just like when he acts. You might recognize him from some TV shows, or not at all if you don’t pay for HBO,”

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Ahmed hit Corden back hard with “Yeah, I did do Star Wars. I bet that made you mad. Too bad they weren’t trying to cast Jabba the Hut’s dad.” Ahmed also mention drop a Girls reference with “Yeah, I had Lena’s baby. It was fun. I was on Girls, but you never touched one… You’re not an emcee, you begged me to let you down gently. I wouldn’t stop this war if Kendall Jenner brought out Pepsis.”

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Corden made fun of Ahmed’s performance over the weekend at Coachella as part of the Hip Hop duo Swet Shop Boys. Riz MC came back at The Late Late Show host with “I saw you at Coachella, you were the big white tent!”

Watch the full “Drop The Mic” battle here:

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