(KBCWtv) – A video making its way all over the internet showing ‘Sesame Street’s’ adorable character Elmo getting fired due to PBS budget cuts.

The video shows Elmo sitting in a room being told by a disembodied voice that he is “no longer employed with Sesame Street Workshop.” An agitated Elmo responds with “Elmo’s been working at Sesame Street for 32 years!”

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Elmo then reveals he has a pre-existing condition and wonders what is going to happen to his medical insurance. The voice tells him to apply for government health care, but retracts his suggestion when he realizes that was getting “gutted” too.

He is then told by “the voice” that President Trump’s administration is eliminating funds for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which helps PBS stay on air.

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At the end, Elmo asks for a good reference and the voice responds with “I can give you a letter of recommendation.” In true Sesame Street fashion, he hands Elmo a paper with the letter “F” on it.

Watch the video here:

So far, the video has received over 11.5 million views.

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