Starting Tuesday, December 20th thru Friday, December 23rd!

Comedy superstar and Christmas super-fan Terry Crews visits a hopeless holiday enthusiast and put them through a hilarious crash-course in how to do Christmas right. After spying the makings of a Christmas mess, an expert team led by Terry and his no-nonsense food, beverage and design experts, intervene and provide tips and tricks to pull off a Christmas that friends and family will remember for years to come.

GAME DAY – Reynolds Family
Tuesday, December 20 – 8:00pm

The Reynolds have decided to take over the tradition of hosting the family “Game Day” Christmas party. Can Terry make this party fun kids and grown-ups?

FIESTA FAIL – Godina Family
Wednesday, December 21 – 8:00pm

After the Godina family attempts a holiday fiesta, which ends up in an epic fail, Terry and his team come in to inject their desired Mexican flare. Is there time for a do-over?

Thursday, December 22 – 8:00pm

The Abrolats’ idea of a Christmas party is a Santa pillow on the sofa and a potluck dinner where the guests do the cooking. Can Terry teach them that even a casual party takes some effort?

Friday, December 23 – 8:00pm

tips and tricks to pull off a Christmas that friends and family will remember for years to come. The Elrics have lived a fairytale romance as newlyweds, but ask them to host a party and you wonder how they stay together! Can Terry deliver the magic to save their Christmas?

Friday, December 23 – 9:00pm

The Child family throws together dated décor and inedible food for their Christmas celebration. Can Terry rescue this family before Christmas becomes a complete disaster?

Source: The CW


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