By Ned Ehrbar

(CBS NEWS) – They played Phoebe and Monica for a decade, so Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox should definitely know their “Friends” trivia.

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The good news is they totally do.

In a bonus round clip from their “Celebrity Name Game” episode — which originally aired Sept. 20 — Cox is tasked with getting Kudrow to identify as many “Friends” characters and locations as she can in a limited amount of time, and Kudrow proves all the names associated with the show are still fresh in her mind.

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But just before the buzzer, Cox was faced with one more clue — the name of their co-star, David Schwimmer. But instead of offering his character’s name or some other identifying clue, Cox tried a sad, dopey-eyed impression reminiscent of the Ross Gellar character — which is apparently how Schwimmer acts in real life.

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