By Hayden Wright

If you haven’t seen Justin Bieber‘s butt by now, you probably aren’t on Twitter. The Canadian butt appeared in a nautical shot he posted last year, and in paparazzi photos leaked during a vacation in French Polynesia. Yesterday, Justin was feeling cheeky again and shared a tasteful nude snap for his Instagram followers to enjoy.

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This time, the pop superstar’s butt appears before an alpine backdrop, at the edge of a lake. The world will never know if this digital photograph was inspired by the films of Jane Campion, but we’d like to believe that it was.

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Instagram users understand the feeling—you come upon a photo of yourself that’s perhaps a bit edgier than the other content your followers admire. You pause and wonder, is this on-brand? Will this win followers and influence people? Aren’t we all just thirst traps looking for a lake of fresh water?

Here’s the photo—decide for yourself.

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