By Hayden Wright

During the second LA engagement of his Purpose tour last night, Justin Bieber had very high profile fans in the audience—Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The couple spent their date night taking in the sights and sounds of Justin’s Purpose show and, true to form, Kim Snapchatted the whole thing from the Staples Center.

Kanye hasn’t kept his Belieber status a secret: Last week, he announced that “What Do You Mean?” is his favorite song of 2015. After the show, Bieber tweeted his gratitude for Kanye’s appearance at the concert.

“Shout out to one of my inspirations @kanyewest for coming to the show tonight. Had to go big,” he wrote.

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The lovefest comes just days after Justin hung out with Marilyn Manson in LA. With his ever growing list of superstar pals, Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” could be retitled How to Make Friends and Influence People.


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