By Amanda Wicks

Ellie Goulding graces the cover of Seventeen Magazine this month, where she talked about the pressures young girls face nowadays and how she hopes her music encourages them.

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Goulding said, “I don’t want girls to get to my age and feel like they’re not pretty enough, not thin enough, or they’re not good enough for something or someone. I’m naturally compassionate–that’s something I really like about myself. I always consider other people before myself, and I think that’s what I try to do with my music.”

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She discussed how her music aims to reach young women. “I want to write lyrics that girls can relate to,” she said. “I’m a girl; I know how hard it is… If girls are anything like me when I was a teenager, then I want them to know everything is going to be okay.”

In addition to championing women of all ages, Goulding recently cleared up rumors that she was quitting music altogether. Not to fret, the singer is just taking a little break because she’s been going non-stop for a long time. After UK publications began taking her hiatus announcement as a definitive “I Quit!” headline, Goulding went on Twitter to make sure everyone knew she wasn’t going anywhere.

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