Angry orange shower loofah Donald Trump has been throwing random shade like it’s his job lately (maybe it is?) and the latest target is famed supermodel, reality show host, and all around awesome lady Heidi Klum.

Trump recently told The New York Times that “women are amazing,” but before long, assumed the position of rating Heidi Klum.

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“Heidi Klum,” he said to the journalist, just after telling her that he sometimes goes too far in his public commentary. “Sadly, she’s no longer a 10.”

Klum, not one to let a very public backhanded insult sit undisturbed, fired off a video, depicting her with a man in a Trump mask, who pulls off the “10” sign taped to her shirt to reveal another sign reading “9.99.” She shrugs and smiles at the camera.

While it might have sent a clearer message to the Trump camp if the newly revealed sign also said “10” (because rating women is generally just a mean thing to do, and Klum is arguably cooler than she’s ever been before), we appreciate Klum’s sense of humor, sarcasm, and hashtag game.

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