A San Francisco woman fed up with the mistreatment she received working as a female engineer has triggered a global campaign to crush stereotypes of women working in the tech industry.

Isis Anchalee, a full-stack engineer at OneLogin, opens up about her experiences in a Medium essay after negative comments streamed in over a Bay Area engineering recruiting ad campaign that featured her photo.

She shares she’s had men throw dollar bills at her in an office during work hours, while another man at a bootcamp messaged her to “be friends with benefits” while she was in the interview process at the school he worked for.

The 22-year-old goes on to write:

There is a significant lack of empathy and insight towards recognizing that their “playful/harmless” behavior is responsible for making others inappropriately uncomfortable. This industry’s culture fosters an unconscious lack of sensitivity towards those who do not fit a certain mold. I’m sure that every other women and non-male identifying person in this field has a long list of mild to extreme personal offenses that they’ve just had to tolerate. I’m not trying to get anyone in trouble, fired or ruin anyone’s life. I just want to make it clear that we are all humans, and there are certain patterns of behavior that no one should have to tolerate while in a professional environment.

Within hours, her essay launched a social media firestorm of responses tagged #ILookLikeAnEngineer from other woman sharing their accomplishments in the field of science and technology:

Nicole Jones is a digital producer for CBS San Francisco. Follow her musings @nicjonestweets


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