EMERYVILLE (KBCW) – On Tuesday, Disney•Pixar Studios released their first trailer for “The Good Dinosaur.” This marks the second film the Emeryville-based animation studio will release in 2015. “Inside Out” lands in theaters June 19th.

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The Good Dinosaur (credit: Disney•Pixar)

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“The Good Dinosaur” poses the question “What if the dinosaurs survived?” “Arlo” is an adolescent Apatosaurus who goes on a journey and along the way Arlo picks up a companion, a human child that he names “Spot”.

The film stars the voices of Neil Patrick Harris, Bill Hader, John Lithgow, Judy Greer, and Frances McDormand. Peter Sohn, best known for his work on “Ratatouille,” “The Incredibles” and “Finding Nemo,” makes his full feature directorial debut.

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“The Good Dinosaur” arrives in theaters on Thanksgiving 2015.