By Courtney E. Smith

Last week’s episode was such a big iZombie, helmed by a conspiracy theory (proven to be true) that stretched all the way to the top of multi-national corporation Max Rager, that this week’s opening grisly murder in the mental hospital would feel like a let down if the victim weren’t the one guy who told Boyfriend that zombies are not only a real thing but a plague on Seattle.

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It’s the death of Scott E. Dr. Ravi assesses his death is a murder staged to look like a suicide. Scott E’s doctor tells us he’s got a genius level IQ and, more importantly, was at the boat disaster cum zombie apocalypse where Liv got turned and had recently regained some of his memory of the event. Apparently he and Boyfriend had become mental hospital buddies. He reveals to Liv that Scott E took video of the zombies on the boat party that he sent to a friend in the local news and since she’s already basically an albino she’s able to keep a poker face about it. But later with Dr. Ravi she says that video getting out would be “catastrophic.”

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For the past few episodes, these recaps have been screamingly demanding to know how Liv can continue to keep the secret of the existence of zombies from Boyfriend and Detective Clive specifically since it puts their lives in immediate danger. Tonight we have our answer: because Liv thinks she can single-handedly fight the zombie plague and that she needs to continue having a semi-normal life to do so. Oh Liv, you are suffering from Greek mythos levels of hubris.

Naturally, Liv eats Scott E’s brains and her life turns into a running DVD commentary of voices in her head from the devil, who now speaks to her.

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