Chardonnay-sipping 49er fans have long looked down their noses at the face painted hooligans who inhabit the Black Hole on Sundays, but a study of who writes a better sentence found that Raider fans actually hold an edge over “the Faithful.”

An algorithm was used to scan 150 fan comments from each National Football League team to see which city’s backers were best at making a point without missing a period. The tool, from the automated proofreading firm Grammarly, found that fans of the Washington Redskins are the most typo-prone, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Lions fans were the most accurate, with 4.2 errors per 100 words, compared to 16.9 mistakes from Washington backers. Raider fans were tied (with the Steelers) for the 7th best spellers at 5.9 mistakes per 100, eight spots ahead of Niner supporters, who flubbed 7 out of 100 words. Both of those totals beat the league average of 9.9 errors.

Baseball and Hockey fans make fewer mistakes at an 8.2 average. NBA (10.3) and Nascar (10.5) watchers make more mistakes than NFL fans. You can get the full breakdown here.


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