By Alyssa Pereira

Imagine you’re approaching the entrance to a building. You look up and see something you’ve never seen before. There are two doorways with signs perched above them. One reads “Average” and the other “Beautiful”.

You stop. You realize you need to decide which doorway you’re supposed to walk under.

Do you think you’re beautiful? Do you think you deserve to walk into the building through that doorway?

Those crucial questions are all part of a campaign that Dove created recently and introduced in San Francisco. For the program, called Choose Beautiful, the company visited five cities worldwide: Shanghai, Delhi, London, Sao Paulo, and our city, all to get an idea of the way women view themselves and how they believe others view them.

To film the American segment, they filmed at Stonestown Galleria near San Francisco State, and after visitors to the mall stepped through a door, Dove stopped them to ask why they chose whichever doorway they selected.

The results are fascinating, and might just make you a little teary.


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