By Alyssa Pereira

American Sniper is having a very good January. Despite blogger backlash resulting from some outlandish-sounding claims by the late author Chris Kyle, the film might just end up being the highest grossing film of 2014 following one of the biggest second weekends ever.

As a matter of fact, Sniper‘s second weekend is the eighth all-time highest grossing, bringing in more than even The Hunger Games and The Dark Knight. Experts believe it might just close out around $400 million.

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In second place, The Boy Next Door starring Jennifer Lopez got off to a pretty respectable start with $15 million. Unfortunately, the reviews weren’t strong, so it’s likely that the film will drop off soon.

Strange Magic, George Lucas’ animated project, bombed this weekend with one of the worst debuts ever for a movie of this caliber.

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But the worst of the worst this week goes to Mortdecai, the Johnny Depp-starring film which received terrible reviews and will likely end up grossing less than they probably paid Depp to star in it.

Here’s the full box office (via Box Office Mojo):

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1. American Sniper $64,365,000
2. The Boy Next Door $15,001,000
3. Paddington $12,391,000
4. The Wedding Ringer $11,600,000
5. Taken 3 $7,600,000
6. The Imitation Game $7,136,000
7. Strange Magic $5,534,000
8. Selma $5,500,000
9. Mortdecai $4,125,000
10. Into the Woods $3,886,000