Happy Friday Bay Area!

Though this week was short one for most of us, it certainly felt like a full five days of labor, amirite?

Here’s our weekly round up of the week’s biggest stories from the Measles outbreak to the Super Bowl XLIX and beyond.

The Disneyland Measles Case Is Getting Worse, Disneyland No Longer Happiest Place On Earth

Bad news for the Micky Mouse Club: at least 59 people have contracted measles since primarily unvaccinated children were reported to have caught the disease in Disneyland last month. It gets worse: it appears that the highly contagious illness has migrated back to the Bay, with at least one case appearing in Alameda County. Let’s hope for a happily ever after on this guys.

President Cool Dad Was Interviewed By Three YouTube Celebs

Obama sat down with YouTube stars Bethany Mota, Hank Green, and GloZell Green in a live streamed interview this week that aimed to get young people interested in political issues. It went surprisingly well, actually, and had an appropriate ending: a #PrezSelfie.

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Hey Did You Hear There’s A Really Big Football Game Coming Up?

Probably, because it’s everywhere. The New England Patriots are taking on the *shudder* Seattle Seahawks next Sunday, and everyone in the Bay Area is pretty “meh” about it. What everyone is actually excited about: all the really fun ads, musical acts (Idina Menzel! Katy Perry! Lenny Kravitz!), and obviously, the Puppy Bowl.

Speaking Of Super Bowl Ads, This One Is Kinda Wild

Model Charlotte McKinney pulled off an ad for Carl’s Jr. which features her strutting her self through a farmer’s market in the buff. Responses to the ad have ranged from *whistles* to stern ambivalence. Check out the ad and see how you feel about it.

Forget The Drought, Let’s Get Some Water Slides Up In Here!

A company called Slide the City is trying to bring 1,000 foot slip and slides to six cities around the Bay Area this summer. Naysayers are decrying the unnecessary strain on our already dire water situation, but…um…well yeah, it would be bad, but it’s a cool idea. Wish list for 2020?


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