by Brandon Mercer

(CBS SF) — Carl’s Jr. knows how to sell hamburgers, and buns.  Not those buns, but those buns.

For fans of fine food, it’s a beautiful showcase of a farmer’s market, and an all-natural burger, but Carl’s marketing team of course took the all natural theme into a “naturist” motif.

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The latest Super Bowl ad to be released before the actual game (and often these ads are likely to get more play online than will actually see it during Super Bowl 49) features what appears to be a completely naked Charlotte McKinney, covered only by strategically (and anatomically-shaped) tomatoes, and melons, until the big reveal at the end.

Yowza, that’s a good looking hamburger.

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Does this go too far, or is it just the same old marketing scheme, sex sells?

And, for burger fans, what she’s ostensibly selling is the All-Natural burger: grass-fed beef, free-range, no added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics.  It’s Carl’s healthiest thing yet, outside of, you know, not eating beef.