By Alyssa Pereira

We Californians are an inquisitive people. We want to know what disease everyone is afraid of, who is gay now, and who might have gotten plastic surgery. We’re also a vain people, apparently, and we constantly wonder how we can improve our pores and better frame our eyebrows.

At least, that’s what the results of a survey by the Estately blog tells us about our Googling habits in 2014.

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Estately compiled a round-up of the frequently searched terms on Google, and then counted what each state looked up more often than any other state.

According to the article, we looked up silly things like Iggy Azalea, James Franco’s Instagram, and Chia Seeds more often than anywhere else in the union, but also techy topics, like Bitcoin, Nexus 6 and the iPad 3.

Here are all of our searches, per Estately:

FIFA 2014 World Cup / Malaysian Airlines / Kim Kardashian / Iggy Azalea (recording artist) / Donald Sterling (former NBA owner) / Renee Zellweger (actress) / Tom Perkins (businessman) / Joe the Plumber (political plumber) / Jamie Dornan (actor) / Steve McQueen (director) / Charles Manson (criminal) / James McAvoy (actor) / Ellen Page (actress) / James Franco Instagram / How to get rid of acne? / What is BB cream? / How to minimize pores? / How to shape eyebrows? / Nexus 6 / iPad 3 / Bitcoin / Kate Middleton butt / Chia seed / Uber

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(Courtesy of Estately)

(Courtesy of Estately)

Some searches worldwide were entertaining. Take, for example, Louisiana, which searched for ‘True Blood’. That makes sense, since that show takes place in a fictional town outside Shreveport. In Colorado, it likewise seems appropriate that ‘Marijuana’ is a frequently searched term, since it was legalized this year.

However, some are a bit puzzling. Why, for example, was’Jay Leno’ so frequently looked up in North Dakota? Why did so many in New Mexico search for ‘Zombies’? Why did so many people in Wisconsin become curious about Tindr?

We may never know.

But at least we know what BB cream is now.


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