SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — A video showing a physical altercation between a man and two women in a San Jose parking lot has sparked controversy and raised questions about civilian and police behavior. After a struggle, the women manage to get away, but the man, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, yells out that he is a police officer.

The website ‘Live Leak’ captioned the video, saying the man “never showed a badge… San Jose police are notorious for this type of behavior.”

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KPIX 5 was able to verify that, in fact, the man in the video is a police officer. According to San Jose Police, the incident caught on video happened in September 2014.

Sergeant Heather Randol said when the woman in the video allegedly rear-ended the off-duty police officer, he followed her vehicle and tried to detain her until local, uniformed police arrived.

The video shows the female suspect wrestling with the man. He does slam her against the vehicle. When her sister intervened, both women managed to get away.
WARNING: Video Contains Strong Language

“During the altercation the female suspect assaulted the officer (bit him).She eventually ran to her car and drove away (as seen on the video),” said Randol.

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A police report was filed.

“Both women have outstanding misdemeanor warrants for their arrests,” said Randol.

Police said an internal investigation over the officer’s “use of force” was completed “at the scene with supervisor oversight.”

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Conversely, Randol confirmed the warrant issued for the women was for a “hit and run,” and for using force against the officer.