By Alyssa Pereira

Those that boast fire tongues capable of enjoying the spicy sweetness of Huy Fong Sriracha sauce in massive quantities are devout consumers of the red rooster sauce. It’s a cultish California devotion, a freakish obsession, a literally unhealthy relishing of the relish. It’s kind of a drunk food too.

So I guess it makes sense to cut out the middle man (food) and just deliver the beer with the sauce. Together.

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Rogue thought so.

Sriracha Beer Taste Test with LIVE 105’s Kevin Klein and Ally Johnson:

Rogue Brewery, famous for their great Oregon beers, has an alehouse posted in North Beach. It was the first (and only) location in California to receive their latest twisted offering: a stout beer, dark with coffee notes, and infused with…sriracha.

We were surprised, and our mouths watered, much like we were the first time we had a bite of food with too much sriracha on it.

We went to Rogue to snatch a couple of these bottles (they were the first two bottles sold in California, we were told) and brought them back to test out.


It appears very dark, like stouts usually do. It was stouty (is this an apt description?).


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The brew, while dark in color and stouty (yeah okay), smelled predominantly of garlic and salt, with a bit of soy. Garlic, salt, and soy sauce. In your beer.


Now, if the smell part doesn’t throw you, you might actually kind of like the beer. It’s very smooth and not very bitter, and it actually doesn’t taste like (that much) garlic. The body is a bit lacking, with most of the heavy, biting taste at the front. To one, it even tasted more like a soup broth than a beer.

All together,though, the beer would actually pair nicely with a pizza or Chinese fare.


If you like sriracha, the 750 mL size is a good beer to share with at least five other people, or just yourself if you really love sriracha that much.

To Buy:

Head to Rogue Brewery at 673 Union Street (at Powell) in North Beach, San Francisco. As of today, it is on sale in 750 mL for $14 each.


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