Approximately a bajillion people thus far have tuned in to YouTube to watch the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer and a tiny percentage of those watchers, as it turns out, are legit superfans who have taken their love of the films a step further.

Many fans have given the series a remix (if you will), where they take the existing teaser, which is just over a minute long, and warp it into something lightyears away from the original (get it? Of course you do, my astute padawan).

For example, one fellow felt there was a certain Wes Anderson-ian je ne sais quoi missing from the teaser. Another person saw the trailer and thought, “Yeah but what about Legos?”

These are real people that exist, and they’ve made these parodies for you.

Check out all of them below:

Here’s the trailer with a Wes Anderson spin:

A Disney parody:

And re-imagined as a Lego film:

A “George Lucas Special Edition:

There’s even a too much lens flare version:

And here’s the original trailer:


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