(KBCW) — When it rains in the San Francisco Bay Area, it pours. And when local drivers need to travel in stormy weather, they get creative — or just plain stupid.

Two days of torrential downpours, epic traffic and massive flooding still can’t stop commuters from getting where they need to go, or at least get wet trying.

Here are 7 of the craziest commuting fails (and tales) we’ve seen over the last couple of days:

1. A paddleboarder enjoying a leisurely ride on a Mill Valley street where cars once roamed.


2. And this cyclist wading through a Mill Valley road turned lake.


3. Cars attempting to drive through standing water, even after a CHP officer throws a flare at them to stop.

4. Some of those drivers later getting stuck in San Jose and San Francisco.


5. Drivers swerving to avoid this pothole on the Bay Bridge.


6. A San Francisco street succumbing to this massive sinkhole (Thankfully, no drivers tried to navigate this one).


7. Driving to work and school instead of taking public transportation because it’s cold and rainy outside. Then having to dealing with this:


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