It’s Thanksgiving weekend and – for many of us – that means parties, bars and dining room tables filled with friends and distant relatives we haven’t seen in ages. You’re going to have to navigate the awkwardness with tact. And that means avoiding asking the wrong questions. If you feel any of these phrases slipping out of your mouth, stop…immediately.

1. Are you still with…
2. Living with your parent…that’s just a temporary thing, right?
3. Didn’t you used to have hair?
4. I bet your little brother/sister is hot now.
5. We should catch up more over coffee sometime (when you know you never will)
6. Whoa, you’re pregnant!? When are you due!? (Without confirming that they ARE indeed pregnant)
7. Still trying to get pregnant?
8. So who’s your mom married to now?
9. I was going to order us fries, but I’m guessing you’re watching your weight?
10. How’s that religion/atheist thing working out for you?
11. Did you have work done?
12. Wow, having kids really ages you.
13. Still rocking the green party?
14. So, I’ll see you at ….’s party?
15. You’re still driving that thing?