By Alyssa Pereira

As it turns out, if you’re a bad dancer, you might be able to blame science.

“Beat-deafness”, as it’s called, is a sort of “deficit” in the same vein as conditions like color-blindness.

A new study published in Philosophical Transactions: Biological Sciences documents a study where researchers asked individuals to tap a rhythm. All individuals were generally able to do so, until they were asked to do the same alongside a metronome. Some of the subjects, as it turned out, weren’t able to stay in time.

As the study states, it has to do with inconsistencies in biological rhythms and how long it takes subjects to response to metronome or musical tempos.

Basically, in some cases, your dance partner might not be at fault for being a bad dancer.

Especially if his name is Chandler Bing.

(h/t New York Magazine)

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