Season 5 | Episode #5ABF19 | 05/26/14 @ 06:00pm

Only Bart can clear Mayor Quimby’s nephew of an assault charge, but he fears that identifying himself as a witness will mean expulsion for skipping class.

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Bart skips school by forging a note from his mother that excuses him early for a dental appointment. Principal Skinner reads the note and grows suspicious. He tracks Bart through town and then chases him up a trecherous cliff. Bart narrowly avoids capture by jumping inside a passing car and crashing a birthday party held for Mayor Quimby’s 18-year-old nephew, Freddy. As many famous guests watch, Freddy embarrasses a French waiter by making fun of the way he pronounces the word “chowder.” Freddy follows the waiter into the kitchen area, prompting Bart to hide beneath a table. As Bart watches from his secret location, an altercation between Freddy and the waiter escalates. There is a loud crash, and the badly bruised waiter claims that Freddy assaulted him.

News that Freddy Quimby has been formally charged in the beating spreads like wildfire. Bart confesses to Lisa that he witnessed the incident and can prove that Freddy is innocent. He fears that if he comes forward as a witness, however, Principal Skinner will expel him from school for skipping class. Matters grow more complicated when both Homer and Skinner are chosen to serve on the jury. When Freddy takes the stand, however, he grows enraged when his own lawyer pronounces “chowder” without a New England accent.

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Everyone in the jury concludes that Freddy is guilty—except for Homer, who votes “innocent” when he realizes it means being sequestered in a hotel with free room service and cable television. Bart’s conscience bothers him and he steps forward, testifying that Freddy never touched the waiter; rather, the waiter slipped in the kitchen and injured himself. The charges against Freddy are dropped. Skinner praises Bart for his bravery and only sentences him to four months detention for skipping class.

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