Season 5 | Episode #5ABF17 | 05/30/14 @ 06:00pm

Lisa becomes jealous when she meets a new student who is even more intelligent than herself. Homer acquires a truckload of white sugar, thinking it will net him a fortune.

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Lisa’s incessant saxophone playing grows on her family’s nerves. She must practice, however, if she is to be chosen for first chair in the school band. At Springfield Elementary, Miss Hoover is overjoyed when Allison Taylor, a bright new transfer student, correctly answers an oral exam question. Previously, only Lisa offered much hope of answering difficult questions. Both of the girls realize they have a lot in common—until Lisa learns that Allison is so bright she was advanced one grade ahead. She also learns that Allison plays the saxophone and is auditioning for first chair in the school band. At the audition, Lisa and Allison engage in a heated competition for the honor. Each tries to outdo the other by playing complicated music. Lisa finally turns blue from the effort and faints. Allison is awarded first chair.

Meanwhile, Homer steals hundreds of pounds of white sugar he finds inside a jackknifed truck. Convinced he possesses a potential gold mine, he begins selling the sugar door to door. His efforts, however, prove futile. Marge insists that Homer get rid of the sugar. Homer refuses, but nature intercedes: a sudden rainstorm soaks the white mound, causing it to dissolve.

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Lisa tells Marge that when she compares herself to Allison, she feels incredibly average. Her first experience as a guest in Allison’s home leaves her feeling even more depressed, as she comes to realize Allison is so bright they have little in common. Lisa’s spirits rise when Bart offers to sabotage Allison’s diorama project. He replaces Allison’s elegant and elaborate diorama of Poe’s “The Telltale Heart” with a box containing a cow’s heart. Lisa suffers from guilt and returns Allison’s real diorama. But the judges pass on both Lisa’s and Allison’s entries and award the prize to Ralph, for his “Star Wars: The Novelization” diorama. The girls patch up their differences and become friends.

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