Season 5 | Episode #5ABF21 | 05/27/14 @ 06:00pm

Grampa and Mr. Burns vie for Mrs. Bouvier’s hand in marriage. Bart purchases a worthless Itchy and Scratchy animation cell.

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Patty, Selma, Mrs. Bouvier and Grampa visit the Simpsons to celebrate Maggie’s first birthday. Afterward, Marge tells Homer that her mother and his father seemed lonely. They decide to take the elderly pair to dinner, hoping to spark a relationship between them. After dinner, Mrs. Bouvier invites Grampa to her apartment, where they browse through her old scrapbook. Grampa becomes smitten when he sees photographs of Mrs. Bouvier from her flapper days. He realizes he has fallen in love.

Meanwhile, Bart orders a genuine Itchy and Scratchy animation cell advertised on television by using Homer’s credit card. Bart and Lisa are disappointed when the cell is delivered: it vaguely resembles part of Scratchy’s arm. Bart takes the cell to a comic book store hoping to recover the 350 dollar investment, but the owner insists the piece is worthless. Meanwhile, Grampa takes Mrs. Bouvier to a senior citizen’s swing dance. As “Moonlight Serenade” swells to its emotional finale, Mrs. Bouvier raises her head and gazes tenderly into Grandpa’s eyes. Grandpa moves to kiss her, but his moment is interrupted by Mr. Burns, who asks for the next dance. Mr. Burns and Mrs. Bouvier tear up the dance floor, leaving Grampa all alone.

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The next day, Burns arrives at the Simpsons’ house to pick up Mrs. Bouvier for another date. Bart extorts money from him by threatening to smear his clean clothes with mustard and ketchup. Using the extortion money, Bart pays Homer for the cell . Mr. Burns proposes to Mrs. Bouvier, and despite Marge’s warning that her suitor is a despicable man, her mother accepts. During the marriage ceremony, however, Mrs. Bouvier sees firsthand how mean Burns really is. She runs down the aisle with Grampa, deciding not to marry either man.

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