Season 5 | Episode #5ABF14 | 05/20/14 @ 06:00pm

Flanders is horrified to discover he has become Homer’s best friend.

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Homer is desperate to obtain tickets for an upcoming football game between the Springfield Atoms and the Shelbyville Sharks, but his efforts fail at every turn. Flanders wins two tickets during a radio contest and invites Homer as his guest. Desperate, Homer accepts the offer. At the stadium, Flanders is a gracious host. He pays for all the food Homer orders, and even convinces the quarterback who threw the winning pass to give Homer the game ball. Overwhelmed by the generosity, Homer admits he is no longer ashamed to be associated with his devout Christian neighbor and begins spending more time with him.

Homer joins Ned as he performs charity work at a homeless shelter. He spends so much time with Ned that Marge complains he is ignoring his own family. Homer arranges for both families to take a camping trip together. The chemistry between the two groups fails to materialize, however, and everyone concerned—except Homer—has a miserable time. When the Simpsons begin a food fight, Ned decides he has had enough and leaves with his family. He admits to Maude he has grown to hate his neighbor.

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Homer, however, remains oblivious to the animosity. He arrives at the Flanders’ home expecting to play golf. Horrified, Ned and his family hop in the family car and speed off. Wiggum arrests Flanders for speeding, tarnishing his once impeccable reputation. Townspeople turn against him. They compare Flanders to Homer, who is now met with higher regard because of apparent charitable work at homeless shelters. Homer stands up for Ned, convincing church parishioners to give him another chance.

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