Season 5 | Episode #5ABF16 | 05/22/14 @ 06:00pm

Mr. Burns chooses Bart as the heir to his vast fortune.

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Mr. Burns’ life flashes before his eyes after he nearly drowns in a bathtub. Realizing that he is without an heir, he launches an audition for a suitable young man who will inherit his vast fortune. Homer coaches Bart what to say at the audition. Bart reads Homer’s words from cue cards and sounds moronic. Burns responds by kicking Bart in the posterior with a large boot. Feeling humiliated, Bart vandalizes Burns’ mansion by tossing rocks and shattering windows. Impressed by the child’s sheer malevolence, Burns chooses Bart as his heir.

Bart spends time with Burns at his mansion. When Bart makes outrageous demands, Burns placates the child and spoils him. When he returns home, Bart tells his family that Burns allows him to do as he pleases. When his son becomes unbearable, Homer attempts to punish him. Bart, however, refuses to go to his room. Instead, he moves in with Mr. Burns. Burns is overjoyed. Homer and Marge hire Lionel Hutz to regain custody of their son, but he loses the case.

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Though Burns satisfies the boy’s every material desire, he cannot give him the one thing he needs most: love. Burns tries convincing Bart that his family does not miss him. He even hires actors to portray Homer, Marge, Lisa and Maggie, and tricks the boy into believing they are his uncaring parents. Bart falls for the ploy and embraces Burns, calling him “Dad.” Overjoyed with his triumph, Burns asks Bart to fire the real Homer from his job as a sign of complete loyalty. Bart, however, cannot bring himself to carry out the request. Instead, he fires Burns by triggering a trap door, sending the evil man plummeting down a dark shaft.

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