Season 5 | Episode # | 05/21/14 @ 06:00pm

Bart wins a full grown African elephant as part of a radio contest.

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Homer, Bart and Lisa are shocked when Marge announces that all of their Saturday plans will have to be put on hold until the house is cleaned up. It takes the group the entire day to make the house spotless, ruining everyone’s Saturday. Bart, however, is overjoyed when he wins a KBBL radio contest. Deejay’s Bill and Marty give Bart the choice of two possible prizes: ten thousand dollars in cash or a full grown African elephant. Bart shocks everyone—especially the deejays—by choosing the latter. Never thinking that anyone would choose the gag gift, Bill and Marty are caught off guard. They offer Bart a variety of other prizes, all of which he refuses to accept. After the station owner tells Bill and Marty that their jobs are at stake, a full grown African elephant shows up on the Simpsons’ doorstep.

Bart names the elephant Stampy. He ties him to a post in the backyard. Lisa thinks that keeping the animal away from the jungle is cruel. Homer’s main concern is satisfying the animal’s seemingly insatiable appetite: it is literally eating him out of house and home. Unwilling to accept defeat, Bart offers people the chance to ride Stampy for a two dollar charge, hoping the extra income will offset the food costs. The plan doe not generate enough money, however, and Homer sells the pachyderm to an ivory dealer. Before the dealer can claim the elephant, Bart sets it free.

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Stampy blazes a trail of destruction through the town. Bart and his family track the elephant to the Tar Pits, where it caresses a statue of a woolly mammoth with its trunk. Lisa realizes it is lonely. When Bart insists that Homer give Stampy to an animal refuge, Homer laments that such a move will cost him thousands of dollars in lost profits from the ivory dealer. Homer becomes stuck in the tar and sinks over his head. Stampy saves his life. In gratitude, Homer gives the elephant to an animal refuge.

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